Natural Breast Lift

Naturally Increase Breast Size and Firmness in 6 Weeks Guaranteed– No Creams, Pills, or Gimmicks

The Natural Breast Lift is a brand new program developed by personal trainer, fitness expert, and author, Coach Rylan Duggan.  In just 6 weeks, this revolutionary program will naturally lift and firm your breasts, and increase cup size.

Based on principals of natural body enhancement and modification through nutrition, exercise, and genetic and hormonal modification, this system is the only guaranteed method of naturally lifting and enhancing your breasts without surgery, and without gimmicky pills and creams.

The Natural Breast Lift

  • Naturally Lifts Sagging and Drooping Breasts
  • Increases 1-2 cup sizes in 6-8 weeks
  • Dramatically Increases Breast Firmness
  • Natural Breast Support is Enhanced
  • No Pills, Creams, or Gimmicks
  • Corrects Slouching Posture & Further Enhances Bust-Line
  • Better Than Surgery – No Scars, No Pain, Permanent Results

How Does It Work

There are a multitude of factors that lead to sagging and drooping breasts as you age.  Hormones, genetics, deteriorating physical condition, and even stress all play a large part in the visible degradation of breast tissue.

The Natural Breast Lift Program combats all of the issues in an easy to follow, step-by-step system of simple exercises, nutritional modification, and hormonal and genetic balancing.

What You Get

  • Natural Breast Lift Program Manual
  • Natural Breast Lift Workout DVDs
  • Natural Breast Lift Workout Binder
  • NOT a downloadable program, Shipped To Your Door

Improves Your Natural Breast Support Structure

Breast tissue is supported primarily by the underlying muscular structure of the chest and front shoulders.  When these muscles, ligaments, and tendons become weakened due to lack of exercise, age, and general degradation, they cause the breast tissue to sag dramatically.   Further compounding this problem is bad posture.  Women who spend more than an hour per day seated at a desk or in front of a computer are especially at risk for sagging and slumping breast tissue.  In this seated position, the shoulders slump forward, and the muscles in the chest become shortened and tight.  This actually pulls the breasts downward – as if fighting gravity wasn’t enough!

In this situation, over time, the muscles of the upper back that are responsible for lifting and supporting the shoulders and breasts become stretched too far, and weakened.  Once this happens, the breast tissue has nothing to hold it in place, and the sagging begins.

The Natural Breast Lift corrects all of these problems with special exercises that are designed to lift the breasts back into their proper position, while strengthening the underlying supportive structures.  The postural issues are quickly corrected, and all of the muscular imbalances are solved.

This alone will give your breasts quite a substantial lift.  In fact, this one change by itself can give you the appearance of being an entire cup size larger.  However, the Natural Breast Lift doesn’t stop there, it goes even further to naturally enhance your breasts.

Increase skin elasticity

While breast tissue is largely held in place by the supporting underlying structures previously mentioned, skin elasticity also has a part to play in this equation.  Contrary to what women have been told by doctors and skin care specialists, loss of skin elasticity is indeed reversible – but the plastic surgeons do not want you to know this!

Lack of skin elasticity, wrinkling, and drooping skin are not a result of aging, they are a result of over-exposure to molecules called ‘free radicals’ that damage the skin cells and degrade their ability to replicate properly and maintain a firm appearance.  These free radicals are primarily caused by stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and inadequate anti-oxidants in the diet – all issues that are quickly remedied with the Natural Plastic Surgery System, and the Natural Breast Lift Program

When coupled with the Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System, the Natural Breast Lift corrects all of these problems quickly, and easily.  Your skin is rejuvenated by your body producing new healthy skin cells that have the same elasticity and firmness one would expect to see in a young adult or teenager.  You will see a noticeable reduction in wrinkling, sagging, and drooping.  As a result of your skin regaining it’s lost elasticity and resilience, your breast tissue will also become noticeably more firm and supple.

Natural Genetic Enhancement

This is where things really start to take shape – literally!  We have been taught to believe that our genetic code dictates how our body will look, and there is nothing we can do to change that.  This often leads to frustration and hopelessness if there is a part of your body that you want to change because you feel no matter what you do, you are destined to look the way that your genetic blueprint has ordained.

However, recent research has proven that this is not the case.  While it is true that your genes are what dictate the processes taking place in your body, and are ultimately responsible for the way your physique looks (thin or fat, saggy arms or toned arms, drooping breasts, or full and firm breasts etc.) the exciting news is that you can actually control which genes you activate, and which you shut off.

Essentially, you have control over your own ‘gene expression’.  For example, a diet high in sugar and saturated fat has been shown to trigger your ‘fat genes’ and suppress your ‘thin genes’.  Quite simply, by eating a diet that contains high levels of sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and other harmful substances, you are flipping on the fat switch.  This will lead to increased fat deposits in the thighs, butt, arms, stomach, etc., and will actually trigger further cravings for the types of unhealthy foods that caused the problem in the first place.

This is also true of exercise.  Certain exercises can actually turn on genes that will sculpt your body, and give you sexy and toned arms, a sculpted butt, firm breasts, and more.  Conversely, inactivity and lack of exercise will suppress these genes, and instead trigger the genes that will cause you to become lazy and unenergetic, and susceptible to increased fat deposition in the typical problem areas such as love handles, thighs, and stomach.

Increase Body Sculpting Hormones, Naturally

This is the icing on the cake.  Even though we’ve already attacked this problem from three angles – increasing your breasts natural support structure, improving skin tone and elasticity, and even naturally modifying our genetic expression (each of which will provide you with incredible results, even just on their own), there is one more area to cover – hormonal enhancement.

The Natural Breast Lift, when combined with the Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System, is designed to stimulate your body’s natural fat burning and muscle sculpting hormones.  Similarly to modifying your genetic expression; most assume that hormones are something that we have a set amount of, and that are not modifiable through our lifestyle habits such as nutrition and exercise.  This is exactly why so many women opt for hormone replacement therapy.

However, the exercises, nutrition, and other accessory programs in the Natural Breast Lift, and Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System programs have the ability to actually suppress the hormones that cause you to retain body fat in your problem areas, while signaling increases in your fat burning thyroid hormones, and anti-aging growth hormones.  These hormones also have been proven to massively increase your metabolism so you are burning body fat while you sleep, and even dramatically improve your connective tissue strength and elasticity – which will lead to further natural breast lifting and enhancement.

How Difficult Is It?

If you can follow the directions on the back of a microwave dinner, you are already more than equipped to get amazing results with the Natural Breast Lift.

All you need to do is follow a quick 15-20 minute workout program twice per week, and follow some very simple nutrition instructions.  You will also have the option of utilizing some powerful mental training and stress reduction audio programs that will further enhance your results.

The workouts are short, but powerful.  They require no previous exercise experience, and can be done at home, in your living room, or at any fitness centre.

Combine with Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System For Enhanced Results

The Natural Breast Lift is combined with the Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System.  The Foundation System is the core or base program in the Natural Plastic Surgery Series, and provides a number of programs that enhance the effects of the Natural Breast Lift.  These include metabolism boosting cardio workouts, complete step-by-step meal plans and nutrition systems, hormonal balancing and genetic modification techniques, and even complete full-body workouts.

The NPS Foundation System not only enhances the results of the Natural Breast Lift, but it ensures that the rest of your entire body will receive plenty of attention as well by adding in sculpting exercises for all other areas of your body such as thighs, calves, love handles, stomach, butt, arms, and more.

The two programs work together synergistically and enhance one another.  The combination of the Natural Breast Lift and the NPS Foundation System will give you better results, and in less time.

How To Use With The Foundation System

To use the two programs together, simply follow the Natural Breast Lift Workouts Twice Per Week, and the Foundation System workouts 3 times per week.  The workouts are short – often taking only 15 minutes to complete, and are designed for all experience levels, from absolute beginner, to seasoned fitness pro.  In your program you will find a complete training schedule that will show you exactly what program to use, and when.  Nothing is left to chance, and there is no guesswork on your part, everything is completely laid out in simple to understand terms – no fitness jargon or other confusing terms.

How To Get Started Now

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