Natural Tummy Tuck

Tuck Your Tummy, Eliminate Abdominal Fat, and Trim Your Sagging and Flabby Waistline without Surgery

Never before has there been a system that could rival the dramatic results of plastic surgery and liposuction; and do so without surgery, pills, or other expensive and drastic measures.  However, a new program has changed all that, and is allowing women to achieve a sexy, slim, and toned stomach – the likes of which was only previously achievable through drastic measures.

The Natural Tummy Tuck is a stomach-transforming system that uses new techniques in hormonal, genetic, nutritional, and exercise based sciences to completely re-design and re-contour your entire abdominal area.

In just 6 short weeks, you can eliminate love handles, muffin top, and excess flab and sagging skin from your stomach – far faster than the 8-16 weeks it can take for procedures such as abdominal liposuction and surgical tummy tucks to heal and see visible results.

What Is The Natural Tummy Tuck?

Quite simply, the Natural Tummy Tuck is a very easy to follow set of exercises and nutritional guidelines that anyone can do.  You don’t need to have any exercise experience whatsoever, and you don’t even need to get a membership at a crowded and expensive fitness center – everything can be done in the comfort of your own home with just a few basic and inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment.

How Is This Possible With Only Diet and Exercise?

You might be skeptical in thinking that just diet and exercise can provide surgery-like results, especially since you’ve already tried so many of these types of programs and have been less than happy with your results.  But the Natural Tummy Tuck is entirely unlike any of the programs you’ve used before.

The Natural Tummy Tuck does not use the standard exercises that have been around for decades like crunches, sit-ups, and side bends.

Each exercise is custom created for this program and is designed to quickly reduce body fat, sculpt and tone the underlying muscle, and even restore skin elasticity to eliminate sagging and drooping excess skin.  When combined with the tactics provided in the nutrition portion of the program, an amazing thing will happen;  you will actually begin the process of modifying your hormonal and genetic expression.  What this means, is that you will be completely redesigning your body from the ground up – molding it into exactly the way you want it – doing away with stomach fat, sagging skin, and bulging around the waistline.  You will see a massive increase in stomach tone and definition, and you will even be able to achieve those elusive washboard abs if you choose to.

How Are These Results Possible Without Surgery?

Plastic surgeons don’t want you to know this information.  They want you to continue believing that you are stuck with all of your fat cells from birth.  They want you to think that as soon as your skin starts to lose elasticity and sag, that it’s all downhill from there.

But this is not the TRUTH!

New research has proven that you have the ability to actually modify your own genetic and hormonal output.  This means you are no longer at the mercy of your genes that your parents gave you.

How is this possible?  Basically speaking, it’s all about turning on the good genes, and turning off the bad ones – and this is something you can do yourself.  Science has now proven through special techniques of modifying your nutritional input, and exercise output, you can actually suppress the genes that make you store fat, gain weight, and get sagging skin, while activating their opposites.  It’s not about creating a new genetic code – it’s simply about waking up the dormant genes that you’ve always had, but were inactive while the ‘fat genes’ were doing all the work.

The exercises and nutrition secrets contained in the Natural Tummy Tuck actually are designed to amplify the expression of the ‘good genes’.  Normally dormant, once stimulated, these genes will allow your body to melt away your abdominal fat, restructure new and healthy skin cells, and to build lean and toned muscle at will.  The end results will be a stomach that looks like it belongs on the cover of a fitness magazine – and all you need to do is a few simple exercises and follow a basic healthy eating plan.

This Is Not Your Typical Diet and Exercise Plan

You still might feel that diet and exercise couldn’t possible provide results like this, and that isn’t entirely untrue.  Traditional exercises and diets won’t cause this dramatic transformation.  It takes a very specific combination of exercise, techniques, and foods to create this effect – and the only place this unique combination can be found, is in the custom programs contained in the Natural Plastic Surgery System.

As an example, the exercises needed to create this effect must focus on certain metabolism shifting muscle groups, while placing less emphasis on small isolation type exercises (which is what 99% of people focus on when they are at the gym).  Also, the program needs to be used in conjunction with special nutritional methods to amplify the exercise results, along with a few bonus programs included that will further boost the powerful effects of the entire program.

However, once all the pieces are in place and in the proper order – the results are astonishing.  The reason you haven’t seen it before is because no one has been able to bring all these elements together in a workable system – until now.  And it’s really easy to do!

How Difficult Is The Program?

The surprising thing is, it’s just not at all hard or time consuming.  You might expect to have to workout for at least an hour per day, and severely limit your food intake to get great results – but the reality is quite the opposite.  Just a short cardio and strength training workout (around 15 minutes per day) and a very simple eating plan (no fancy diet foods, just clean, wholesome, real foods) along with bonus programs used to reduce the output of your fat storing hormones, while boosting your fat burning ones -  and you will be well on your way to sculpting a toned, sexy, and hard stomach – no matter your current condition now.

The program is very easy to follow – consisting of several step-by-step instructional DVDs and workout books that will walk you through everything in easy-to-understand terms; with absolutely no jargon and no complex and confusing programs.  And you most certainly won’t have to dedicate your life to this system.  The workouts are very short, and can fit into anyone’s schedule.  The nutrition techniques are also very simple to follow, and are healthy for everyone in your family – there will be no preparing meals for yourself separately from the others in your household if you don’t want to.

But what about the rest of my body?

That’s where the NPS Foundation System comes in.  The Natural Tummy Tuck is just part of the Natural Plastic Surgery System – there are programs for all of the common problem areas that women struggle with.  These various ‘Booster Packs’ (of which the Natural Tummy Tuck is just one) target areas such as the thighs and calves, sagging arms, breasts, and butt.  You simply choose which body part you want to fix, and then combine the Booster Pack for that part, with the Natural Plastic Surgery Foundation System – the core program in the Natural Plastic Surgery Series.

The Booster Packs (The Natural Tummy Tuck in this case) target the trouble spots like love handles, muffin top, and sagging and drooping excess skin, while the Foundation System triggers a whole-body transformation.  It does this by igniting your fat melting hormones, and triggering your muscle sculpting and fat burning genes.  It will also provide you with exercises for all other areas of your body, so you can be certain that none of your other body parts will fall behind while you work on fixing your worst problem area once and for all.

Another great thing is, once the program is complete and you are finally happy with the way your stomach looks, you can move on to any of the other Booster Packs in the system and fix any other problem areas you may have.

In fact, for a complete total body transformation that will give you the ultimate body you’ve always dreamed of, all you need to do is complete each of the Booster Packs in the Natural Plastic surgery Series, and in just a matter of months you will have completely re-designed and transformed your entire body – something that would normally take several years of strict dieting and exercising to achieve.  With the Natural Plastic Surgery System, you can have an entirely new body faster than you ever thought possible.

What Do I Do Now?

Just head over to the NPS Store and select any and all of the Booster Packs that you want, followed by the Foundation System (Remember, the Foundation System is required for use with all Booster Packs).

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Shipping times for your DVDs and books will take 1-2 weeks for customers in the US (slightly longer internationally) but you can still get started right away by using the Free Natural Plastic Surgery Introductory Workout Program.

Get Started Now With The NPS Introductory Workout Program

Once you’ve ordered your programs, you’ll probably be anxious to get started transforming your body right away, so the next thing to do is start the NPS Introductory Workout Program.  This free workout program is designed to gently condition your body and get you prepared for achieving maximum results from your Natural Plastic Surgery Programs.  The program requires absolutely no equipment at all – it can be done in the comfort of your own home, and it will only take you just a few minutes each day.  And even if you haven’t ordered any of the Natural Plastic Surgery Programs, this is a great way to try out a sample program to start and see if it’s for you.  To download your free workout program and get started right now, just visit the NPS Free Workout Page.